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Here you have them... A Baking Adventure's own "Decorate-Your-Own Sprinkle Kits"!!!
Now you can decorate at home, at a party, at the office, at a social gathering, or wherever you would like to have a little fun with your food. Available soon on Etsy.com for purchasing, in the meantime, email us at itsabakingadventure@gmail.com for details on how to purchase your own. Design ideas welcome!




We have a Baking Solution for that!

If your pup was anything like our Jeannie was, this is the course for you! She was our almost 15 year old adorable, yet stubborn, Snowflake Pekingese. Jeannie was a loving, snuggly little pup & her most favorite thing to do it EAT!!! She would eat everything off our plates if we let her, but of course, we didn't!

One day I thought of making her some cupcakes of her very own & found a couple of recipes for dog treats. I adapted them to create something that she loves and I hope your dog will too! Sadly on 4/14/19, she lost her battle with kidney disease but her legacy lives on in the treats she loved. For every person who takes a Puppycakes Baking Course, or places a special order of Puppycakes, we will donate a bag of them to one of the many local shelters in the area.

On June 1st, 2019, we adopted Ellie from a Rescue in Warwick, RI & she is our newest little taste-tester. Not finicky at all, every flavor seems to be her favorite being slightly partial to pumpkin & peanut better anything!

We sell our Puppycakes in bags, large or small in size, as a special order. We all bake Puppy Smash Cakes, which are fun for Puppy Birthday Parties! We can even make mini ones for all your Puppy Guests, or Human cupcakes for the "parents".

Would you like to bake them for your pup? We offer Puppycake classes! At home for Private or Party classes or at your office fpr a Team Building activity, we've love to teach you. Please email us for more information: itsabakingadventure@gmail.com


My name is Dawn Oxnard and I am the Owner / Baker for both
A Baking Adventure and Cake & Pop Bake Shop. 

From a very young age, I have been an "assistant" in the kitchen to my Grandma, Louise. She taught me everything I know about baking and apparently her Mother, my Great-Grandma Catherine, was an avid cupcake baker. Nice to know that it runs in the family!

Baking Cookies
Preparing Dough


401-330-7666 (RI) or 508-865-5315 (MA)

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