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Welcome to our Site!

Here you can explore all about our Sweet & Savory Cupcakes, that we specialize in for Humans. Gluten-Free, Sugar- Free, Dairy-Free, Nut-Free, Keto & Vegan Cupcakes are all available for Special Orders. Depending, we may also be able to do a combo. Example: Allergic to both Gluten & Dairy - We can help!

Then there are our All-Natural & Human-Grade Dog Treats available for special order. Puppycakes, Beggals (bagels) & Woofles (waffle sticks) for your Pup's Special Occasions or just every day fun! Cat & Rabbit Treats are available upon request.


Please check our Etsy page for Decorate-Your-Own Sprinkle Kits to purchase online & available Pet Treats that we can ship to you.


See where our next Quest will be using our map to find us at local events in RI (& soon to be FL). Please use the form below to
Contact Us directly with any questions.

We look forward to baking for you and can’t wait to see what you'll find at A Baking Adventure!


Here you have them... A Baking Adventure's

Decorate-Your-Own Sprinkle Kits!

Now you can decorate at home, at a party, at the office, at a social gathering, or wherever you would like to have a little fun with your food. There are TONS of themed kits available now for purchase at on our Etsy page:


Or if you would like to create custom themed kits for a specific event,

please send us an email:


🧁 New Design ideas are always welcome!



My name is Dawn Oxnard and I am the Owner / Baker for both
A Baking Adventure and Cake & Pop Bake Shop. 

From a very young age, I have been an "assistant" in the kitchen to my Grandma, Louise. She taught me everything I know about baking and apparently her Mother, my Great-Grandma Catherine, was an avid cupcake baker. Nice to know that it runs in the family!

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Thanks for reaching out!

We should reply within 24 hours to your email.

Have a great day 🧁

Rainbow Sprinkles

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